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Driving Growth with a Specialized Payments CRM

The amount of customer resource management (CRM) tools in the marketplace can be overwhelming, and 9 out of 10 companies use some form of CRM software to improve their data. CRMs are a $65 billion market, with prognosticators saying it will be a $150 billion industry by 2030.

But most CRMs are built for large companies, looking at customer data acquisition in a generic way. This isn’t ideal for ISOs, as they thrive on personalization and understanding their merchants and subsequent customers at an intimate level.

At IRIS CRM (an NMI company), we built a system that is infinitely customizable. It maximizes scalability, sales efficiency and the merchant experience.

In our free ebook, we dissect how IRIS CRM is different from its competitors, and how ISOs have been prioritized in the ongoing evolution of the software.




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Calculate residuals in minutes instead of days

This is not your typical CRM. IRIS was created for tracking leads, calculating residuals, and working with multiple payment processing networks to manage merchant portfolios. With more than 35 integrations, our robust suite of tools integrates seamlessly and drives retention, marketing, and employee adoption of use.

  • All the tools you need: IRIS CRM helps you grow—with CRM, operations, support, residual calculations and more.
  • Residual calculations: Automate residual calculations and spend more time selling, not on spreadsheets.
  • Board more merchants with TurboApp: It’s called TurboApp for a reason. Submit your applications in minutes, error free.
  • Lower attrition: Keep your hard earned merchants longer and row your portfolio, thanks to smart reports and notifications.

Created to grow your business

Every month, IRIS CRM reports on 400,000 active merchants, 140+ M transactions, and $12B in volume. See how we can help manage your entire payments process.

All the features you need in one place

IRIS CRM is the powerful ISO management application that streamlines every aspect of your business, freeing up bandwidth to grow your bottom line.

Payment sales tools

Get ready to manage your pipeline, sell more, and work smarter. Prospects will appreciate custom proposals and electronic contracts that take seconds to create. The best part? You’ll win merchant accounts faster, too.

Payments operations and back office

Submit new accounts through TurboApp to multiple processors 5x faster and free of errors while increasing merchant approval rates. Retain accounts with smart reports and notifications like stopped processing alerts.

Merchant services customer support

Happy customers and stress-free support agents are essential for your business. Track and resolve customer support tickets efficiently and quickly through your own branded customer management portal.

Agent residual income calculations

Now’s the time to stop the tedious, manual, and painful tasks of calculating residuals. Get them delivered accurately in minutes—not days. Calculate residual reports from multiple processors and follow your portfolio’s metrics, import agent Schedule As and manage agent splits.

Communication tools

Our suite of communication tools empowers your team to quickly dictate emails and notes, reach more prospects with SMS, chat with each other to get things done, and make more calls in less time.

powered by NMI

IRIS CRM is your complete merchant services management solution. With end-to-end sales, TurboApp merchant onboarding, customer support, and residuals management solution, you can manage your entire business from the same platform.

We’re a cloud-based platform, accessed through a secure website built and hosted by us, a certified PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider. IRIS offers merchant reporting services for more than 300,000 active merchants. Now part of NMI—a leading global payment enablement platform that processes more than $203 billion in payments annually—IRIS CRM delivers even more value to our partners and their merchants.

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